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Fairy Tail : An Action Fantasy Anime

Fairy Tail is an epic shounen anime that fans world-wide over have followed for over three years. It started as a manga series which was first published in 2006 and was then adapted into an anime that ran from 2009 up to 2013. Fairy Tail has a good mix of action, comedy, and adventure. If you have finished the series and are looking for anime like Fairy Tail, here are 10 others that you might like.

Fairy Tail Plot:

Lucy Heartfilia is a 17-year-old young lady who wishes to ace her wizardry aptitudes and join the fiercely riotous Mage Guild, Fairy Tail. On her adventure, she discovers Natsu Dragneel, who is joined by a blue flying feline named Happy.

Lucy gets stole by a wizard who presents himself as the Salamander of Fairy Tail. Natsu proceeds to safeguard Lucy, and discloses to her that he is the genuine Salamander, and that he has mythical serpent capacities. Natsu welcomes Lucy to join Fairy Tail, which denotes the start of their astounding experiences together.



10 anime like fairy tail

The experiences of Naruto and his companions will without a doubt help you to remember the characters from Fairy Tail. The Naruto manga arrangement was first discharged in 1999 while the anime arrangement originally circulated in 2002.

Plot Outline :

Konohagakure is a ninja town that is assaulted by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kyuubi. With the lives of the villagers in gigantic risk, the Fourth Hokage, Konoha, penances his life so as to seal the devil fox inside the infant Naruto Uzumaki.

Iruka Umino, his educator, in the long run uncovers to Naruto that the Nine-Tailed Fox stays inside him. From that point on, he makes a pledge to be the best ninja and turned into the Hokage of Konohagakure.


Rave Master is an experience anime with numerous similitudes to Fairy Tail, particularly with the characters. Haru Glory is a sixteen-year-old kid who lives in Garage Island with his sister, Cattleya. At some point, he inadvertently angles up Plue, an uncommon gatekeeper hound, from the sea. Shiba, the main Rave Master, shows up and attempts to recover Plue who is his defender, however a fear based oppressor association named Demon Card all of a sudden shows up and wreaks ruin in Garage Island.

Shiba then uncovers to Haru that he is the second Rave Master, and gives him the Ten Commandments sword, Plue, and his Rave. Haru leaves Garage Island to look for reprisal on Demon Card. Along his adventure, he meets a few partners, some of whom are previous adversaries.

Plot Outline :

D.Gray-man recounts the tale of 15-year old Allen Walker, a kid with the capacity to change his left arm into a gigantic hook and devastate Akuma, repairman weapons made constantly Earl to enable him to demolish mankind.

At the point when Allen joins the Black Order and turns into an exorcist, he is requested to recuperate bits of Innocence, a substance that exorcists need to overcome Akuma. The two sides are eventually searching for the Heart, the most amazing Innocence which will ensure triumph to the side that catches it.

A standout amongst other dim dream anime as of late, D.Gray-man will keep you snared with each scene.


Plot Outline:

This story happens at the Death Weapon Meister Academy in Death City, a foundation kept running by Shinigami, otherwise called Death.

The story pursues three groups, each comprising of a weapon meister (weapon wielder) and a human weapon. Each group looks to have their weapons crush and assimilate the spirits of 99 abhorrent people and one witch. Doing as such will expand their weapon’s capacity tremendously and transform it into a Death Scythe, the weapon that best suits Shinigami.

In the arrangement, you watch as groups take part in different energizing experiences to accumulate spirits, all while engaging with animals that endeavor to attack their school.


Bleach is another massively well known anime that disclosed from 2004 to 2012. It has earned a vast after from the anime network and in light of current circumstances: the story is phenomenal and loaded up with a fascinating cast that offers an incredible watcher encounter.

Plot Outline :

Dye recounts the narrative of Ichigo Kurosaki, an adolescent who can see phantoms. His life is changed everlastingly when Kuchiki Rukia, a Soul Reaper, all of a sudden seems to spare him from a Hollow, which is a lost soul that seizes vitality from different spirits. Not having the capacity to crush the Hollow, Rukia exchanges some portion of her vitality to Ichigo to enable him to overcome the Hollow. Be that as it may, Ichigo takes the majority of Rukia’s vitality, making him change into a Soul Reaper.

Right then and there, they are looked with a surprising circumstance: Rukia must stay in the human world and Ichigo must have her spot as a Soul Reaper, vanquishing Hollows and ensuring that spirits achieve existence in the wake of death domain called Soul Society.


Other than Rave Master, One Piece is presumably the anime that is most like Fairy Tail. We needed to incorporate it in this rundown of anime like Fairy Tail, obviously!

Above all else, this comes in the method for the two arrangement’s saints. Luffy is a great deal like Natsu, cheerful and sort of moderate witted, yet valiant and faithful as far as possible. The two characters have a relatively unending craving for sustenance, and they both hold a quite certain power one of a kind to themselves. For Natsu, this is his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic that gives him a chance to utilize his capacity to support his assaults, while Luffy utilizes the intensity of the Gum-Gum Fruit to extend his body in any capacity he needs.

Both of these characters are unbelievably comparative in identity, as well as how they ceaselessly figure out how to utilize new moves and powers to beat progressively ground-breaking adversaries.

Outside of simply the principle characters, in any case, One Piece sports the equivalent over-the-top jokey condition that Fairy Tail has. Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates are as bright a group as everybody from the Fairy Tail Guild, and the Shounen style of One Piece is outwardly very comparable too. Fortunately on the off chance that you bounce into One Piece and adore it, which you most likely will on the off chance that you like Fairy Tail, there’re more than 700 scenes to prop you up. It’s a standout amongst the most prominent anime arrangement ever all things considered.


The Seven Deadly Sins shares a ton for all intents and purpose with your common Shounen anime, particularly something like One Piece, Fairy Tail, or Dragon Ball Z. The show happens in Brittania, where The Seven Deadly Sins were the most grounded Holy Knights serving the Kingdom of Lionnes, and their capacity ended up eminent far and wide. After as far as anyone knows bring forth a plot to oust the kingdom and getting crushed by the Holy Knights, the Sins disband and leave the administration of Lionnes.

The primary character of the show, Meliodas, is the pioneer of the Sins and he’s an ecstatic character with a darker side hiding underneath.

The Sins work as the primary cast of the show, and all through it, you’re occasionally acquainted with every one. They’re a particular cast of characters who’s identities truly play off one another. Elizabeth Liones is the person who winds up rejoining them, and her association with Meliodus is like that of Natsu and Lucy.

There’s even a sort of mascot character, however rather than a talking feline it’s a talking pig named Hawk. Pixie Tail fans are certain to cherish the activity highlighted in The Seven Deadly Sins, as it’s amazingly ludicrous, to the point of nearly resembling Dragon Ball Z. Each character has their own particular exceptional moves that they use in fight like Meliodas’ “Full Counter,” which gives him a chance to mirror the assault of any other person. A complex and shockingly passionate plot, extraordinary movement, and fun characters are only a couple of alternate reasons fanatics of Fairy Tail should look at this one.

7.Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic takes a gander at the life of extremely inquisitive and courageous Aladdin who searches out to find progressively about the Djinns that standard over the Labyrinths. Alongside his guide Ugo and nearby trader Alibaba, they all embarked to investigate the cells that sit tight for them. This epic experience pursues the pack as they advance all through numerous prisons to search out progressively behind crafted by uncommon entertainers, while grappling with their own destinies as the world develops around them.

Aladdin has a solid mentality and is out to get more data about the strange Djinns, while Natsu has a comparative attitude and needs to find out about the societies around him. Both are out to battle for equity, experiencing arbitrary foes that challenge their quality both rationally and physically. The two quite often have a collaborate with them, Ugo for Aladdin, and Happy for Natsu. Aladdin and Natsu both have extraordinary capacities that enable them to call particular kinds of partners, yet to likewise keep them from any approaching peril. Each piece of the show dependably underscore the significance of cooperating to tackling a more noteworthy issue that lies ahead. They include staying together through various challenges to ensure that all requests are met, and kinships just become more grounded.

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