We all love anime and the best part the story and feeling attached to it . Some anime do that in only some episodes . Here are the some of the short anime you should watch this weekend.




The apparently customary and unremarkable Saitama has a fairly one of a kind interest: being a saint. So as to seek after his youth dream, he prepared tirelessly for a long time—and lost the majority of his hair simultaneously. Presently, Saitama is inconceivably ground-breaking, to such an extent that no foe can vanquish him in fight. Indeed, everything necessary to crush scalawags with only one punch has prompted a sudden issue—he is never again ready to appreciate the excite of fighting and has progressed toward becoming very bored.This all progressions with the landing of Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, who wishes to be Saitama’s pupil subsequent to seeing what he is able to do. Genos recommends that the two join the Hero Association so as to end up confirmed legends that will be perceived for their positive commitments to society, and Saitama, stunned that nobody knows his identity, rapidly concurs. Also, hence starts the tale of One Punch Man, an activity satire that pursues an unconventional person who aches to battle solid adversaries that can ideally give him the fervor he once felt and quite possibly, he’ll end up well known all the while.


2.Death Parade:

At the fringe among paradise and hellfire lies a bar. There the chaperon will, one after another, challenge sets of the as of late perished to an irregular amusement in which their destiny of either climbing into paradise or falling into hellfire will be bet. Regardless of whether it’s bowling, darts, air hockey, or anything in the middle of, every individual’s actual nature will be uncovered in a shocking parade of death and recollections, moving to the impulses of the bar’s lord. Welcome to Quindecim, where Decim, judge of the hereafter, awaits!Death Parade develops the first one-shot planned to prepare youthful artists. It pursues yet more individuals accepting judgment—until an interesting, dark haired visitor causes Decim to start scrutinizing his own decisions.

3. Black Lagoon:

Inside Thailand is Roanapur, a debased, wrongdoing ridden city where not in any case the specialists or holy places are immaculate by the paws of defilement. A safe house for convicts and ruffians alike, the city is infamous for being the focal point of illicit exercises and tasks, frequently energized by neighborhood wrongdoing syndicates.Enter Rokurou Okajima, a normal Japanese businessman who has been carrying on with a dull and tedious life, when he at long last gets his opportunity for a difference in pace with a conveyance outing to Southeast Asia. His work excursion quickly goes downhill as Rokurou is caught by a hired soldier aggregate working in Roanapur, called Black Lagoon. The gathering intends to utilize him as a negotiating tool in arrangements which eventually fizzled. Presently abandoned and sold out by his previous boss, Rokurou chooses to join Black Lagoon. So as to endure, he should rapidly adjust to his new condition and set himself up for the slaughter and tribulation to come.A relentless, high-octane spine chiller, Black Lagoon digs into the profundities of human profound quality and goodness. Witness Rokurou attempting to keep his qualities and methods of insight flawless as he gradually changes from businessman to heartless hired fighter.

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